Utrecht City Business Directory

Utrecht is the fourth largest city in Netherlands, and it has a population of around 13.1 lakhs. Climate is moderate and warm in Utrecht and it experiences good amount of rainfall as well. It lies on 5m above the sea level. City is famous for its historic places and natural beauty, some of the popular places in Utrecht that are worth visiting are:

1. Dom Church: It is a Cathedral in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is a fine-looking place and its interiors are really appealing. We can also enjoy live music here.

2. Canal and Shipyards: have exclusive waterfronts and Waterfront basements and are pretty popular all around.

3. City Castle Oudaen: It is a monumental building and it was established in the year 1276. The entire building is made of bricks and is one of a kind.

4. Castellum Hoge Woerd: It is a Cultural Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands. Here you can enjoy theatre at Hoge Woerd Podium. And in the Café, you can relish cakes, coffee, lunch and dinner.

Some of the preeminent restaurants that serves splendid food are Selamat Makan which serves Asian food, Firma pickles, burgers and wines that serves European delicacies, Waffle serving Dutch dishes, Miyagi and Jones serving Japanese dishes, seafoods and Sushi.

Public Conveyance in Utrecht includes Trains, buses, trams and Taxis.

Utrecht is a city in Netherlands, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here.